It's a new day in music, a time where people want to feel, think, and experience. Combining all aspects of modern music is Atlanta artist Troop.

Recently finishing his select city tour with artist Pell on the Only In Your Dreams Tour, Troop is aiming to give a feeling in a voided international market of music. From the live instrumentation of translucent production, to songs with stories of life as a young artist, Troop is bringing balance that is needed for the masses.

Growing up traveling the world with his parents in the ministry, Troop became a classically trained opera singer first, gradually growing into various other genres of music. Setting the bar high at a young age, eagerness to bring a versatile branch to his music ensured.

Experimenting with other genres has allowed Troop to bring quality in the industry & every listener alike. Witty choruses bending the bridge of modern Hip-Hop & Pop with knowledge of what the requirements are for hits is quickly noticeable through each song.

Currently working on his debut project slated to release in the summer, he's giving his audience an experience.  Well thought out singles that are geared towards multiple markets in music, the project will be a jukebox of the summer that will relect what the Troop Brand is all about.